KettlePizza, Turning Grill’s into Pizza Oven’s


KettlePizzaIf you’ve tried making pizzas using your grill, chances are you were not entirely satisfied with the results. Perhaps the toppings were under-cooked or if the toppings were cooked just right, the base or edges may have got burnt.

It turns out there’s a scientific reason for why using a grill produces less than desirable pizza. Apparently, it’s because the frequent opening of the grill top causes heat to dissipate, while pizza needs consistently high temperatures for it to cook evenly.

Don’t lose hope, though, for there’s a new concept that promises that you can make use of your existing kettle style grills to make good pizza.

This new device is called the KettlePizza. How does it help you make good pizza? The answer is that the device prevents heat loss from inside the cooking chamber. It comprises a stainless steel sleeve that is placed between the lid and base of your existing kettle grill. So even when the grill is opened, the pizza inside this sleeve continues to bake at a constant temperature.

The manufacturer says that the KettlePizza can cook at temperatures of up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit (almost 400 degrees Celsius).

The KettlePizza comprises stainless steel riser sleeve that is a laser-machined for precision. The high-temperature thermometer gives you an accurate measure of the temperature. You also get a 14 inch pizza pan. The wooden handles and stainless steel hardware are easy to assemble.

It is priced at around $150 (£100) and you may purchase it from Amazon. But do check that you get the right size so it can actually be used with your existing kettle grill.KettlePizza Open.KettlePizzaKettlePizza Temperature Gauge.

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