SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] Gaming Mouse


SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] Gaming MouseHorses for courses, goes the adage. If you are a serious gamer, then you may want to give yourself an extra edge by investing in the SteelSeries Sensei gaming mouse.

The Japanese word “Sensei” traditionally refers to a teacher of the martial arts, although it is colloquially used to also mean someone who is highly proficient or well-read. Rather like the word “Guru” that has its origin in ancient India.

SteelSeries announced its SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] mouse at CeBIT 2012 in Hanover, Germany. If you have the basic gaming skill, a Sensei gaming mouse can help your performance levels.

It comes with superior Omron switches, a professional grade laser sensor and a CPI range from 90-5700. Its ambidextrous, all-grip design means left-handed gamers too can use it quite comfortably.

The cool quotient of the Sensei gaming mouse is enhanced by the fact that you can configure it with different levels of pulsation and its bright LED illumination that also can be customized in three zones.

Apparently, you can also store an unlimited number of profiles on the Sensei gaming mouse. I wonder if this particular feature is really worth a premium; I’m not a gaming expert, but isn’t storing the profiles on individual games easier?

The Sensei gaming mouse will be available starting June. Two versions will be available. One has a black, rubberised sweat-resistant coating that combines grip with soft-touch comfort. The other version comes with a glossy black coating that is more suitable for players who don’t sweat much.

In the US, the Sensei gaming mouse will be priced at around $60 (£40).SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] Gaming MouseSteelSeries Sensei [RAW] Gaming MouseSteelSeries Sensei [RAW] Gaming MouseSteelSeries Sensei [RAW] Gaming Mouse

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