Ninja Remote Stealth Jammer


Ninja Remote Stealth JammerHave you ever felt angry or helpless when you want to watch a certain programme on TV, but you can’t, because your spouse is watching one of his/her favourite shows?

In such situations, the Ninja Remote Stealth Jammer is designed to ensure that you get even and don’t just work yourself into a quiet but impotent rage at the unfairness of it all.

As the name suggests, this small device allows you to jam the TV remote control so that the volume fluctuates randomly from very low to very high or by locking the TV on to a particular channel that may not be the one your annoying spouse wishes to watch. You can even turn the TV on or off with the Ninja jammer.

The Ninja jammer even has a “bomb” button that randomly changes channels and volume for periods of 5 to 15 minutes. Naturally, all these happen even while the remote control is safely with your spouse. Naturally, this means she or he won’t even suspect you of being the perpetrator.

So on the one hand, you, like Caesar’s wife Calpurnia, are above suspicion, while on the other, you can watch the programme you wish or at the very least, foil your spouse’s attempts at hogging the TV to himself (or herself, for that matter).

At worst, your spouse may simply choose to walk out in a huff and watch TV on the small-screen TV in the bedroom, allowing you to watch your favourite programmes in peace. Surely you know how to make up with him or her later that night, don’t you?

The Ninja jammer is priced at $30 (£20). You may purchase it from ThinkGeek. But order it discreetly, for secrecy is the key.Ninja Remote Stealth JammerNinja Remote Stealth Jammer

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