Voice Recognition Alarm Clock, Ivee Digit


Ivee Digit Alarm ClockIf you’re like most human beings, I dare say you’ve often been woken up by the sound of an alarm clock. The probability is also high that on many such occasions, you’ve whacked the alarm clock on its head to silence it and thus earn yourself a few more precious minutes of sleep.

Just as high is the likelihood that you’ve woken up thinking dark thoughts about your alarm clock and what you’d love to do to it. With the ivee Digit alarm clock, you only need to say “turn off the alarm” and it obeys you. The ivee Digit is an alarm clock with a difference. It incorporates voice recognition capability, allowing it to sense what you’re saying and act accordingly.

In response to your voice command, it tells you the time, sets the alarm and turns off the alarm. In fact, it thoughtfully has two alarms, should you and your significant other wish to wake up at different times. It even tells you the date and the temperature.

Once you plug it in, the ivee too needs some cajoling. You have to say “Hello ivee”. That causes it to listen to your next command. It can respond to 35 different commands and comes with 3 relaxing sleep sounds.

The technology works by converting what we speak into “phonemes” that are then compared against a list. Using a sophisticated statistical technique known as a “hidden Markov model”, the ivee figures out what the most likely word you spoke.

The ivee Digit is priced at $49.99 (£33).Ivee Digit Alarm ClockIvee Digit Alarm ClockIvee Digit Alarm Clock

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