Filter Your Water with the Bobble Jug


Bobble JugMore and more of us are becoming concerned enough about our fragile environment to act in ways that help preserve it. Yet, there are some occasions when old habits die hard. Rather than drink water from a tap, we prefer to buy bottled water.

If you carry a guilty conscience about the amount of plastic you consume because of the endless bottles of water you buy, perhaps you should get yourself a Bobble jug, especially if you live in a country where water that is available through taps is potable, or fit for human consumption.

The Bobble jug is priced at £32.99. Admittedly, that’s not exactly inexpensive. But then, the Bobble jug isn’t just an ordinary jug. The mouth of the jug contains an activated carbon filter that sits snugly inside the lid.

All you need to do is pour potable water from the tap into the jug. As soon as the water passes through the activated carbon filter, it is free of odour and any chlorine that might remain in the water after treatment to make it potable.

The activated carbon filter can be easily replaced and each filter is capable of filtering up to 150 litres of water. Assuming an average consumption of 2 litres of water per day, each activated carbon filter can easily last you for a good two months.

The Bobble jug has a capacity of 2 litres which means once you fill it in the morning, it should last you through the day. The body of the jug is made of transparent recycled PET. The lid comes in four vibrant colours- pink, green, blue and black.Bobble Jug

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