Vibrating 4D cinema seats hit the UK


Vibrating 4D cinema seats.The trouble with 2D cinema is that you know as you’re watching it that it’s all happening only on the screen. 3D cinema and its special effects all but convinced you that the object was in fact coming out of the screen right at you. It was all you could do to hold your hands to your face to prevent being hit.

But now, even 3D cinema is becoming passé, with 4D cinematic experiences becoming popular. The Universal Studio in Singapore’s Sentosa park has a 4D ride, where in addition to the 3D visual effects, they also spray mists of water synchronised with what you see.

That means you actually get wet when you see water coming at you on the screen. Some movie theatres in France have even experimented with the sense of smell as the 4th dimension. Now, in Glasgow’s Cineworld, 35 seats in screen 11 have been specially replaced with seats that vibrate and shake to provide the 4th dimension. A small number of movie enthusiasts watched “John Carter”, Disney’s recent release in 4D.

I the next few months, five more cinemas in the UK, including the O2 Greenwich will acquire this technology. Another 24 cinemas are also reported to be planning to acquire this capability in the coming year or so.

Naturally, there is an extra price that one needs to pay to experience the 4th dimension. At Glasgow, the 4D ticket is priced at £5.50 more than the 3D ticket.

The average price of a 3D ticket in the UK is £8.90, which means if you’ve started making plans for a family outing to watch a 4D movie, budget for £15 per ticket. And that’s not including the popcorn.

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