Seiko Astron, GPS Automatic Timezone Watch


Seiko Astron GPS Watch.If your work requires you to travel frequently across time-zones, and you have not set your smartphone clock to adjust itself based on the local signals it receives, you know how annoying it can get when you need to figure out how much time you have before your next flight.

I know for instance that in some airports, some terminals are spiffily maintained, while others are not. So even if there are clocks inside the terminal, you have no idea how accurate they are or even where they are located.

Seiko’s Ariston wrist watch is designed just for you, especially if you’re one of those sales executives who routinely transits half a dozen or more time-zones in the course of a week.

The Ariston watch is solar powered, which means you don’t have to worry about its battery running out of charge half-way on your trip. Truth be told, it can run even on artificial ambient light.

A low-power GPS receiver inside the watch accurately identifies time zone, time and data all across our planet. Once a day or on demand, the watch triangulates its position based on signals from four satellites.

The perpetual calendar is programmed to be accurate till the year 2100.

Physically, the Ariston is not very large. It weighs only 135 grams and has an external diameter of 4.7 cm. A proprietary coating applied to the glass on the dial is said to cut reflection of light by 99%, making the dial easily visible even in bright light.

The Seiko Ariston is priced between $1900 (£1270) and $2600 (£1730).Seiko Astron GPS Watch, in silver.Seiko Astron GPS Watch.Seiko Astron GPS Watch.Seiko Astron GPS Watch.

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