Instaprint Mobile Photo Booths, Fun for Parties and Events


Instaprint Mobile Photo BoothsTo me, there is something indescribably special about holding a photograph in your hands and studying it closely from various angles. I think printed photos bring back memories to life more evocatively than any digital image ever can.

I know it’s possible to print digital images, but somehow, the prospect of buying a printer that’s capable of printing photographs is not very appealing. One can always send the image files electronically to a specialised photo printing facility, but there’s bound to be a two or three day gap before you can feel the photo in your hands. To be honest, I also worry about privacy.

Perhaps there are many others like me, because the folks at Brooklyn-based Breakfast have created Instaprint, a location-specific photo stall or booth. It’s like a booth with a Polaroid camera inside, although the Instaprint booth allows you to print even those pictures that are in your mobile phone. The pictures thus printed are called Instagrams.

Using Wi-Fi connectivity, the images in your phone are transmitted to the device, which prints out the pictures right then and there. You can personalize the pictures by using the comments feature.

I am not sure if the device stores images in some sort of cache, which means others too can potentially get copies. Perhaps I am being unduly paranoid here.

Breakfast is looking to raise $500,000 by end of April to fun commercial production. At the time of writing, they have pledges worth over $128,000. A pledge of $399 on Kickstarter gets you a DIY kit.

Check out the video from Breakfast explanation of the Instaprint:Instaprint Ink-less photos. Instaprint Mobile Photo Booths paired.Instaprint Mobile Photo Booths at events.Instaprint Site.

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