Gigabyte Unveils U2442N and U2442V Ultrabooks


Gigabyte U2442N & U2442V Ultrabooks.Laptops can be pretty heavy to cart around with you, hence the advent of the so-called ultrabook. And if you want one of these babies you could do little better than to opt for one of the brand new models released by Gigabyte.

You can now get a 14-inch ultrabook that is incredibly thin and light and available in two models – the U2442N and the U2442V. There may be no word on the kind of price range these ultrabooks will fall into yet, but the V model seems to be the slightly better of the two. Make no mistake though, whichever one you choose will offer you a superb spec for the money.

Both pack in an Intel Core processor under the hood, with a backlit high definition display that will make everything look that little bit better. You can also expect 3.0 USB ports and full wi-fi connectivity. In fact these pack so much into a tiny space you might want to call them the TARDIS.

Plenty of people want a laptop without the weight that constantly pulls your shoulder out of shape. If this describes you, you should hot foot it towards one of these Gigabyte offerings as soon as they become available. With a smooth appearance and a nice keyboard that is easy to use despite the smaller size, there is really no reason not to get one. Just get behind me in the queue once you’ve made your decision, okay?Gigabyte U2442N & U2442V Ultrabooks.Gigabyte U2442N & U2442V Ultrabooks.Gigabyte U2442N & U2442V Ultrabooks.Gigabyte U2442N & U2442V Ultrabooks.

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