Electric Bicycle Concept from Vauxhall / Opel, RAD e Pedelec Cycle


Vauxhall / Opel RAD e Pedelec CycleOkay so the name is a bit of a mouthful, but once you get a look at what this thing actually is, I can virtually guarantee you will want one. This is a bicycle for the 21st century – or possibly even the 22nd century, now I come to think of it.

The futuristic design seems to have little in common with the bike that is gathering spider webs in my shed at the moment – and I thought that was pretty cool when I bought it.

Anyway, the Pedelec cycle is a thing of beauty. It’s an electric bicycle so if you want to be lazy when you use it you can be. You get the choice of whether to pedal or just sit there and enjoy the view while the electric part takes over. The 250w motor that can power it is indeed pretty RAD.

According to the latest figures the bike should be able to cover anything between forty and ninety miles, depending on charge and the terrain it covers. Unfortunately at the moment this is all in the future, since the actual bike is not available at the moment.

I can only hope for the day when it makes it into reality and is able to be bought from your local bike shop. This is a dream come true for the lazy cyclist who loves riding bikes that look like future tech made possible – and of course I am talking about me here.Vauxhall / Opel RAD e Pedelec CycleVauxhall / Opel RAD e Pedelec Cycle

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