CompuLab’s Intense PC Fanless Mini-PC


CompuLab’s Intense PC Fanless Mini-PCWow – now that is a product name worthy of an award in itself. It says it all without being overly dramatic or filling the name with useless letters and numbers. This really is a tiny PC that is ready for whatever screen or keyboard you want to plug into it.

Get ready to make the most of the second generation Core i processor that CompuLab has tucked into this gem, and make the most of the huge 16GB of RAM they’ve packed on board as well.

This is like something out of the Borrowers. You can imagine if the tiny people had computers, they’d be able to manage something like this gem from CompuLab.

You can pop a screen into the mix that can be as good as a 1920 x 1200 resolution, so you’re not restricted to a tiny inadequate screen that doesn’t really get the job done.

You may be forgiven for thinking that such a small PC couldn’t offer you the number of ports you’d ideally like, but this isn’t the case. Check out the rear of the unit and you’ll find plenty of them – more than your average computer might offer you, in actual fact.

You’ll need to shell out a minimum of $399 (£266) for one of CompuLab’s Intense mini-PCs, but my feeling is that it’s worth it – especially if you happen to be really short of space.

Whoever thought that PCs could get this small when they used to take up an entire room?Ports on the Intense PC from CompuLab.Intense PC from CompuLab.Intense PC from CompuLab.Intense PC from CompuLab.

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