Invisible Car from Mercedes (on one side)


Mercedes Benz Invisible Car (on one side)An invisible car – yes we’re back in James Bond territory again with this one. Possibly one of the strangest and yet most thrilling gadgets we’ve seen in a while, the Mercedes that is invisible – but only on one side – has got everyone looking to see what it’s all about.

Unfortunately for would-be spies this car is the subject of little more than an ad campaign at the moment. The idea is that a camera takes pictures of what is happening on one side of the car and sends the pictures to the other side to provide an image that makes it blend into its surroundings. If you ignore the fact that you can still see the tyres it works quite well. I guess James Bond would be this picky too, so maybe that makes me good secret agent material? We’ll see.

Clearly this isn’t going to be a mass market vehicle. Can you imagine the insurance on this thing, or the number of claim forms that would start popping up with even more unlikely excuses on them? ‘I didn’t see the car I hit because it wasn’t there.’ Well they wouldn’t be lying would they?

This is real secret agent stuff and the stuff of movies and thrillers too. Watch out for it in a cinema near you at some point, but don’t watch out for it in your local Mercedes Benz garage. Not that you would actually be able to see it anyway, of course…Mercedes Benz Invisible Car at night.

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