CLEANCut Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser


CLEANCut Paper Towel DispenserHow frustrated do you get with your kitchen towels? Do you have one of those pole things to pop them on that habitually gets knocked over whenever you so much as look at it?

If you do and you’re thinking of upgrading to a wall mounted effort, make sure you go for the CLEANCut dispenser. This is a nifty high tech looking dispenser that is designed to fit under a wall cabinet. Once you have chosen one of the three superb finishes you can install it and look forward to cleanly dispensed paper towels whenever you need them. Oh, and did I mention you don’t have to worry about touching it either?

This baby has an LED beam on one side that you put your hand in front of to start dispensing your towel. If you want a long piece of towel for mopping up a spillage, just wait a bit longer before you break the beam on the other side. This tells the machine to dispense your towel so you can get on with the cleaning up, already.

So if you’re fed up with sticky fingerprints or mucky stains on your kitchen towel dispenser and you want something a little more practical to solve the problem, this could be the perfect idea. Think about investing around $139 (£93) in this dispenser and don’t worry about spreading germs around the kitchen again. It’s cool, it looks good and it has a real benefit in keeping the kitchen a tidier and healthier place.

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