USB Gadget Plug Sockets


USB Gadget Plug SocketHow many gadgets do you have that require a USB port to plug them into? Most of us have got plenty of them nowadays – probably more than we think we do. And that is why this neat little gadget is bound to sell like hotcakes once people find out that it exists.

The USB gadget plug socket is just that – a plug socket that features four USB ports instead of the usual three pin plug socket.

This is a great way to plug in your USB leads without having to turn your computer on for the privilege, and you can just position in anywhere in your house that would make most sense to you. Since this is an actual wall socket it’s best to make sure you hire an experienced electrician to install it for you.

In fact you might want to think about getting more than one installed if you like the idea; once you’ve got one you’ll probably want one in more than one room in your home. I know I would.

The price for this in the US is around $40 at Current Werks, there is a similar product on Amazon for people in the UK.

However it seems to be well priced and when more people get to know about them they’re surely going to start popping up in modern homes all over the land. Isn’t this one of the best gadgets ever – one of those ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ ideas?

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