Ice Balls for Cool Drinks


Ice Balls, great for cocktail parties.Ice balls… hmm. They sound pretty interesting but when I first heard about them I really didn’t know what to expect. But basically they’re pretty easy to understand and use if you are a tad bored with ice cubes and you fancy swapping to balls instead.

A basic pack of these babies gives you four balls to make your cubes in, er, sorry – balls. But this isn’t just about making ice. Oh no – you can add fruit and fruit juice to the finished result to get whatever you need from it. And because the balls are bigger than your average ice cube, they’ll last a lot longer than normal as well.

I for one love having ice cubes in my drinks during the summer. But I’m not keen on the way they melt and leave my drink all watered down. I reckon these ice balls will actually solve the problem because I can control what I put in them.

How about some lemon to go with my cola, maybe? There are plenty of options and opportunities here – you just have to get creative and give it a go. And because of the large size the balls are perfect for throwing into pitchers when you want a big old jug of squash to serve to everyone.

Since these are made with a top seal of silicone you can expect a good result every time you use them too. My birthday is coming up soon – anyone who wants to buy me this new kitchen gadget would be more than welcome to do so. You can buy the Ice Balls at Amazon. Ice Balls look good in a summer pitcher.Ice BallsIce Balls.

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