Withings Smart Baby Monitor


Smart Baby Monitor on the iPhoneAll baby monitors are pretty smart aren’t they? Well this one is smarter than most. This is a great little gadget with a thoroughly modern design, and it is designed to work in conjunction with your ‘i’ gadget, whether that is an iPhone or an iPad.

Instead of being one way so you can hear what your baby is up to, the Withings Smart Baby Monitor is two way. This means older toddlers can speak to their parents too if the situation arises. I wonder whether this will turn into a high tech walkie talkie if it isn’t used properly, but the practicality of the unit is still second to none.

It doesn’t just tell you when your baby is moving around either. You can keep an eye on the temperature of the room they are in, and monitor how humid it is during the summer too. It even has built in lullabies if you want to play something to help them sleep without actually walking into the room and disturbing them more while you’re at it.

As every parent will know, the more tricks you know to get your kids to sleep while still being able to monitor them for safety and peace of mind, the easier you will sleep too.

If you invest in one of these gadgets at around $299 (£200) for the privilege, you could get your hands on one of the smartest, most attractive and most practical baby monitors on the market today.Monitoring on the iPhone, Smart Baby MonitorChoosing music on the Smart Baby Monitor iPhone AppChoosing the Night Light colours on the Smart Baby Monitor iPhone App

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