Wacom Intuos5 Professional Graphics Tablet


Wacom Intuos5 Graphics Tablet.Okay so tablets are pretty commonplace nowadays, and even with the next iPad being unveiled even as I write this, there is time for another leap into the future with a different kind of tablet altogether.

Up until now graphic designers and other visual artists of varying types have had to make do with their Macs. But not anymore – Wacom has decided to release an altogether different type of tablet that is designed purely with them in mind. They have come up with the Wacom Intuos5 Tablet, a beauty that looks as good as it works.

The tablet comes in three sizes and they are priced anywhere between $229.95 (£153) for the small size and $469.95 (£313) for the largest size. The tablet itself is called a digitiser tablet, which probably won’t mean anything to you at all unless you are one of the designers or photographers that this baby is aimed at.

You get a special pen along with the tablet so you can draw and design on its surface with ease. Wacom is known for creating superbly fluid and responsive pens of this kind, so you won’t be disappointed with it.

Personally it wouldn’t be investing in one purely because I know the only thing I could come up with would be the inevitable smiley face. But if you have no reason to feel inadequate at your inbuilt design skills, you can enjoy every moment of using the Intuos5 tablet with your computer. It’s built to bring out the best of your creative skills.

Take a look at Wacom’s promotional video:Wacom Intuos5 Graphics Tablet.

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