One2TOUCH Foldable Keyboard for Smartphones and Tablets


One2TOUCH Foldable KeyboardHow good are you at using the tiny little keyboard that appears on the screen of the average smartphone or tablet? If you struggle to hit the right keys and you prefer the feel of a real keyboard, check out this foldable effort from one2TOUCH.

The keyboard comes with a panel on which you put your smartphone to activate the keyboard itself. You have two different models to choose from. One splits the keyboard in half by putting the panel dead centre. This is good if you are a touch typist and you use the correct keys for each hand.

The other has the panel at the top of the keyboard, which is better for those of us who are either self taught or use the hunt and peck method of finding the right keys to hit each time.

The great thing about these keyboards – apart from the fact they are foldable – is that they look great and are completely waterproof. They also operate with the Near Field Communication method, which means they respond as soon as you pop your smartphone on the required spot.

While it’s great to scroll up and down on the touchscreen of a smartphone, not everyone wants to use the built in keypad that appears on the screen.

Certainly if you’re like me and you constantly find yourself tapping out emails, it is well worth getting one of these keyboards when they become available in the UK. Save your pennies until then.One2TOUCH Foldable KeyboardOne2TOUCH Foldable KeyboardOne2TOUCH Foldable KeyboardOne2TOUCH Foldable Keyboard

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