Killer Whale Submarine


Killer Whale SubmarineWho hasn’t had the desire to dive down below the water’s surface in a submarine? Well now you don’t have to join the Royal Navy to get a chance to do just this. You just have to drop $100,000 (£66,600) on a two seater sub that comes in the shape of a killer whale. They are available to buy at Hammacher.

Yes I kid you not. Who wouldn’t be queuing up with their pooled pocket money to grab one of these amazing subs? If you do have the cash to splash on one of these babies, you can look forward to sitting in the pilot’s seat and choosing a passenger to come along for the ride.

You get double the fun in the killer whale submarine too, since it is capable of diving down five feet below the water’s surface. Granted, that may not sound like a lot but if you’re in reasonably clear water you’ll get an amazing view.

You can also look forward to shooting back through the surface into the air, just like the whales do. I won’t recommend doing this if there are real killer whales around, as they might just view you as a baby.

The next thing you know is you’ll be living with the whales full time and phoning your boss to tell them you’ll be late for work. There is no doubt this sub is for the millionaires out there. But if there has ever been a reason to strike it rich, this has to be it, doesn’t it?Killer Whale SubmarineInside the Killer Whale Submarine

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