Sandals with Individual Toes from Sazzi


Individual Toed Sazzi Sandals, green and blue.A pair of sandals is a pair of sandals. Right? Yes, unless we are talking of “toe motion footwear” from Sazzi, because this range of sandals is fundamentally different from conventional sandals.

The basic design concept behind this range of footwear is inspired by the Anasazi people, who are believed to be ancestors of the Hopi, and inhabited the “Four Corners Canyon Lands” of what is today the south-western USA.

It is believed that the Anasazi sandals used two toe posts, which is believed to have helped provide better stability to their feet as they moved about in difficult terrain.

Sazzi melds this ancient concept with modern technology to create a line of footwear with four toe posts. Specifically, this line of so-called “toe motion” footwear consists of five independent toe planks, with four prongs separating the toes.

This design supposedly provides better control by providing each toe with the freedom to move individually. Sazzi’s “quad post lateral stability system” connects one’s feet more securely with the sandals, thus improving grip and agility especially when one is walking over uneven terrain.

The sandals are made from fully recyclable PLUSfoam. So once you determine that you no longer need your Sazzi footwear, simply send them in for recycling.

Currently, Sazzi offers two different sandals in its toe motion footwear design range. The $100 (£67) Digit is the more advanced version and comes with a puncture-resistant “dura shank” and heel strap. The Decimal, priced at $80 (£53), does not have the heel strap. A wide range of colours is available in both models.

This range of footwear is scheduled for launch in May, in time for the summer. Interestingly, 1% of Sazzi’s profits will go to two trusts that work towards improving the lives of native American people across North America.Individual Toed Sazzi Sandals, red and grey.Individual Toed Sazzi Sandals, red and black.Individual Toed Sazzi Sandals.Individual Toed Sazzi Sandals.

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