Affordable 3D Printing System, MakiBox A6


MakiboxOnly a couple of years ago, 3D printers were a concept. Today, there are many manufacturers of such printers and just as economic theory predicts, prices of 3D printing devices for home use have started coming down.

One of the latest entrants into this market is designer Jon Buford, whose MakiBox is likely to be available in the next couple of weeks for around $350 (including global shipping charges).

Physically, the MakiBox measures 28 cm x 21 cm x 21 cm. It can “print” objects of up to 15 cm x 11 cm x 11 cm in size. It will be shipped in easy-to-assemble kits that do not require soldering. The kit includes two spools of polylactide; each spool has 500 grams of material.

Additional polylactide is available at $20 per Kg, a price point that is believed to be lower than what is charged by competitors.

“Printing” by the MakiBox 3D is really an extrusion process in which spooled polylactide filament is melted and extruded in thin layers at 6-8 cm per second. This printer uses Relicator G, an open-source printing software application that works on Windows computers, Macs as well as those running Linux operating systems.

Not only has Jon Buford innovated the MakiBox printer, he has also co-founded Makible, a “crowd-funding” website similar to Kickstarter. The MakiBox A6 project was fully funded through contributions that came in via Makible.

Jon is still looking for funding to come up with alternative materials, laser cutting and so on. If you would like to contribute to Jon’s projects or know someone who might, visit Makible.Makibox.

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