Wrist-Mounted Finger Piano


Wrist-Mounted Finger PianoCost apart, the lack of space at home is often a major reason for parents not buying their children a piano. As a substitute, they may get them keyboards or apps that mimic the piano. But neither of these is quite the real thing.

Here comes another innovation from Japan that is admittedly not as close to a real piano as a keyboard is, but is almost certainly better than “playing” the piano by touching a screen.

The gadget in question is the wrist-mounted finger piano. Imagine a watch-like device strapped on to your wrist. Five wires radiate from the periphery of this watch-like device. Each of these wires has a clip like end into which you insert your fingers.

The best way for you to imagine this gadget is to think of how a medical technician or nurse measures the level of oxygen supplied to your body (“saturation” as it is technically called) by attaching a clip to your finger-tips.

Each clip corresponds to a note. To play, just press your fingers (inside the clips) on to a hard surface and the corresponding note is heard on the speaker on your wrist. The clever designers have provided three buttons on the device to complement the five clips on your fingers so you get a full octave.

You have a choice of three volume levels and further, can choose from three sound banks (piano, bells and cat).

This finger piano is priced at $40, should you be thinking about an uncommon gift for your musically inclined child or nephew/niece. It is powered by three LR44 batteries.Wrist-Mounted Finger PianoWrist-Mounted Finger Piano

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