TreadWheel, Hamster Style Exercise for Dogs


TreadWheel, Hamster-style Treadmill for Dogs.Like us, our pets need regular exercise too. But unlike us humans, our pets need us to go with them on their walks and runs.

With our own lives becoming more and more hectic by the day, our exercise schedules tend to go awry, unless we are absolutely committed to our personal health and fitness. Even if we are committed, sometimes the weather is too awful to go out.

In such situations, what happens to our pets’ exercise regimes? The odds are fairly high that they don’t get enough exercise either. That would be quite a shame, wouldn’t it?

There’s hope if you are the distressed owner of pet dogs that are deprived of exercise. The TreadWheel from Go Pet USA is a gadget that is designed specifically to enable your dogs to exercise indoors.

Think of it as a treadmill for your pet dog. The TreadWheel is available in three sizes, depending on the weight and size of the pet it is expected to support. The smallest, meant for breeds of small dogs, can support weights of up to 25 pounds.

The largest TreadWheel can easily handle larger breeds that weigh up to 150 pounds.

The TreadWheel is shaped like a wheel. It is made of stainless steel and has a special cushioned mat for extra comfort. There’s even a training door.

The device comes with resistance settings that allow you to adjust tension, which makes it more or less difficult for the animal.

The TreadWheel is priced at $475 (£317). That is not cheap, but then, you wouldn’t cut corners when it comes to your pet, would you?

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