Tablet for Kids, the Archos Child Pad


A Tablet for kids, the Archos Child Pad. French consumer electronics company Archos has identified a need in the market and responded to it. They have done so by launching a new improved tablet that is targeted at children.

Think about it: kids would love to have a portable gadget like a tablet that allows them complete portability (they want to show off, remember?) and the convenience of using a keyboard that’s larger than what’s available on a smartphone.

But parents, on the other hand, are justified in worrying about what all their child can potentially access using a tablet. There is also the financial impact of losing a $400 tablet vis-à-vis a device that costs a third.

We have seen some competition in the kids tablet arena; there is the LeapPad Explorer and the soon to be released Nabi Tablet,which also runs Android.

The 7” child pad tablet from Archos is priced at $129 (£86), which makes it much less expensive than a full-blown tablet. However, what is more reassuring for parents is that the content is meant for kids. More than 10,000 apps including games, comics, books and sports are available through the Kids App store.

It has 14 categories of apps, including pre-loaded versions of popular apps like Angry Birds and Flight Frenzy.

The child pad will run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. It is powered by a 1 GHz processor and comes with a 16GB RAM. Brightly coloured icons allow games to be launched right from the home screen.

The Archos child pad complies with CIPA and COPPA regulations, which makes it a safe tablet environment for use by kids. Parental controls are powered by Editions Profil, whose Mobile Parental Filter is ranked worldwide as being amongst the most efficient parental control software.

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