Giant Glass Maze Concept


Maze CubeAccording to a prescient saying, “those who live in glasshouses should not throw stones at others”. A more practical version is “those who live in glasshouses should be careful when changing clothes”.

English designer Phil Pauley has developed a concept he calls “Cubed Maze³” and is now looking for investors to provide the funding to convert his concept to reality.

The concept derives its name from its core design principle, which is that the entire structure is made up of a series of cubes interconnecting with larger cubes.

The model comprises nine floors of rooms, staircases, glass ramps, transparent partitions and dead ends. The model is made of laminated polymer sheets.

To be honest, I struggle to see the point of investing in “the cubed maze³”, unless I am one of those ultra-rich blokes looking for ways to spend my next million or two. But assuming I am a hard-nosed businessman to have made those multiple millions in the first place, I may still prefer to buy a yacht or island instead of investing in “the cubed maze³”.

Pauley says that those who successfully navigate their way through the maze to the top can enjoy the services of the rooftop café. He goes on to helpfully add that getting back down from the top is not straight forward either.

Both on the way up and down, one may need to do something counter-intuitive. For example, go down one level so that you can actually go up. To me, all this sounds like this concept is just right for the Mad Hatter.Giant See-Through Maze ConceptInside the Maze Concept.Inside the Maze Cube.Maze Cube.Maze Cube.

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