Classic Manual Typewriter


Classic Manual TypewriterHow many of you have seen a conventional manual typewriter, never mind use one?

There’s a thriving market for retro stuff, as we’ve often written about in the past. Hammacher Schlemmer has done its bit by offering a newly manufactured range of typewriters. Indeed, the ones that have ribbons and go “clickety clack” when the keys are depressed.

The Classic, as Hammacher Schlemmer calls its typewriter, is made exactly like the original contraption, with seven tab stops, adjustable line spacing and a backspace key that actually moves the carriage back.

There’s also the roller around which you place the paper and the clip like mechanism to hold it in place.

The retro typewriter has 44 keys that can produce 88 symbols in 10 characters per inch pica 87 font. For those of you who may have used manual typewriters in the past, this is the same typeface in which some of the original typescripts of some of the best-known literary works of the late 19th and early 20th centuries were produced.

If the prospect of typing your magnum opus on a manual typewriter excites you, go for it. You may buy the Classic typewriter from the Hammacher Schlemmer web site for $200 (£133).

To be sure, for that price you may well be able to buy yourself a computer with enough word-processing features that make it easier to write your literary masterpiece. But it’s not the same as manually typing it on a typewriter, is it?

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