Power Gadgets with your Breath


Power Gadgets with your Breath.Wind power hasn’t caught on in quite the same way as solar power. But this handy gadget could change all that.

The AIRE mask might look like it’s straight from the set of The Silence of the Lambs, but it actually uses simple processes to give you the opportunity to charge your phone and other assorted gadgets simply through doing what you do every day.

All you have to do is put on the mask, plug the other end into your phone or electronic device and breathe. The mask does the rest, converting the breeze from your breaths into real energy that will charge your device.

Obviously the more you breathe the faster the device will charge, although you can simply breathe normally to get it going so there’s no need to run marathons to get it to work.

However if you get up to jog every morning and you find your phone is nearly dead, you can plug it into this baby and it will be well on the way to being charged once you’ve completed your jog.

Indeed the designer Joao Lammoglia has stated that the AIRE mask could well encourage people to get out and take more exercise.

The next time you decide to have a go on the Wii, don’t use your electricity to charge your mobile phone – use your AIRE mask instead and get the benefit of free power generated by yours truly.

It’s quite a concept and we could be seeing Darth Vader’s jogging in the near future. Would you go about your daily business looking like this?

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