NIKE+ Digital Footwear For Basketball and Athletics Training


Nike+ Basketball and TrainingDoes your footwear know more than you do? No, this isn’t an entrance into a Big Brother style world, but rather an introduction to digital footwear from NIKE+. If you ever wanted to know how well you were doing with your basketball or athletics training, don’t leave things to chance. Let your trainers tell you what you need to know.

Aside from giving you crucial information on your performance, you can be sure your new NIKE+ trainers look pretty cool too. It all works with pressure sensors on the soles of the shoes.

You’ll need a smartphone too that has the required app loaded onto it, but once you have it all set up you can get on with your training. The information collected from your shoes will be transmitted to your smartphone for you to access later.

As you might imagine the two different types of shoes are designed for those specific users. Basketball is very different from athletics so the information taken and uploaded to the app will be different in each case.

However there is also a lot of versatility available here, so if you want to set up a workout of your own you can do so, and monitor how well you are doing. Are you going for the biggest jump in basketball?

Just wear your shoes and get started and you can check your data afterwards to see if you broke your best jump. It’s an amazing world when your trainers are more intelligent than you, as mine undoubtedly will be.Nike+Nike+ Basketball and TrainingNike+ Basketball and TrainingNike+ Basketball and Training

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