Waterproof Compact Camera from Sony, Cyber-Shot DSC-TX20


Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX20, orange model.The Sony Cyber-Shot is probably one of the most recognisable names in the world of the small and compact camera. This particular model takes 16.2MP shots and is designed for those photographers who are either out to take dramatic action photos while canoeing or who are just so clumsy that they cannot be trusted not to break a normal camera.

I happen to fall into the second category here, so I can say that the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX20 camera is going to be on my Christmas list this year.

The trouble with many hardy camera designs is that they look like something that should be used by people in the SAS. Not so the DSC-TX20 though. This little specimen is small enough to fit in your pocket and rugged enough to withstand all kinds of shocks and knocks, but it also looks pretty cool.

It will be released in five different colour versions, including several two colour designs such as green and silver. You’ll need to invest around $330 (£220)  in one of these cameras but that’s not bad considering what you get for it.

For starters it is waterproof to five metres so you can go swimming with it if you want to. I personally am glad that it is also dustproof, since housework is not my forte. I can now take pictures of my dust bunnies and be proud of them, and even take videos with the inbuilt video function.

And if that’s not enough, the camera is also freeze-proof to allow you to go outside and take pictures of the snow at leisure.Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX20 in green.Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX20 in green, Blue & GreenSony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX20 in green, Green & OrangeSony Cyber-shot DSC-TX20 Top View.

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