Touchscreen Router, the Securifi Almond


Securifi Almond Touchscreen RouterHow good are you at setting up your home router? If you’re like the majority of the population you probably do it once and once only, when you first unpack the thing from its box.

But this doesn’t bode well for security. Every router should have a password and it should be a good one. I know people who used to use the word ‘password’, and while they have hopefully progressed to bigger and better things I doubt their new ones are much better.

That’s why it’s good to know about the Securifi Almond touchscreen router. It isn’t yet on sale but it should be at some point this year for around $70 (£47). The price puts it alongside many other similar wireless routers, but this has to be the first one to have a touchscreen built in that makes changing your password a doozy.

The touchscreen is on the side and there is a wizard button to take you through the setup. You’ll also see a green security option and you can go to this to decide which password to use and whether to change your existing one to something else.

For my money, anything that makes my router and my computer network more secure has to be worth the cash. Even if you have never set up a password protected router before, you’ll have this one set up within minutes.

There’s no need to turn on your computer to do it either, so this is ideal for people like me who easily get confused at the mere thought of technology.

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