Theft Resistant Defender Bike Light


Defender Bike LightTravelling by bicycle has some unique challenges that other road users simply don’t have to think about. Whenever I cycle anywhere I have to park it, lock it up, take the lights off and make sure everything is secure before I can even think about leaving it on its own.

But all this could change thanks to the Defender bike light. This light has been designed to stay put and to thwart even the most determined of thieves. It looks like the chamber of a six shooter gun, and the light and the base are as one. The design means you get six beams of light to guide you in the dark. You have to have the right screwdriver to mount it on your handlebars (it comes with the pack and it isn’t something most budding thieves will readily have to hand). Consequently unless you have that same screwdriver the light is staying put.

At the moment it isn’t possible to get one of these lights. But once it does make it onto the market (which it should do, since the creators have been doing well on Kickstarter) it will retail for about $70 (£47). This is pretty reasonable and I’d certainly pay it if it meant I didn’t have to carry my lights around with me whenever I decided to leave my bike behind anywhere. This is one gadget I will certainly be looking out for in the near future – the sooner it arrives on the market the better.

They have managed to raise $50,289 which is pretty amazing, their goal was only set at $18,000.

Take a look at there video:Defender Bike LightDefender Bike Light

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