35-Foot Camera for Vanishing Cultures Project


35-Foot Camera, Vanishing Cultures ProjectNo matter what type of camera you decide to invest in you will usually pick one that is handy and convenient to carry around. So just imagine having one that is a whopping 35 feet long. Not something you could just sling around your shoulder, is it?

But Dennis Manarchy has gone against the grain and created a prototype camera that is this long and eight feet wide. He also wouldn’t be able to reach the top of it without assistance from a stepladder, since it also measures twelve feet tall. However it looks as though the decade he spent building it has been worth it – it produces prints that are truly stunning.

The huge negatives are several feet tall and the camera is capable of getting so much detail from a subject that it can show the pores in a person’s skin. In a sense it isn’t the quality of the picture that is new, it is the scale it is taken at. Even looking at some of the results on a web page made for interesting viewing – I would love to see them close up. But you would presumably have to stand some way back in order to be able to see everything.

In any event this is a camera unlike any other and must surely rank as the biggest of its kind in the world. It’s not going to be mass produced, that’s for sure, but sometimes less can definitely be more. In this case it certainly looks to be true.

Dennis is now looking to build a state-of-the-art version of this amazing camera, he has created a project on Kickstarter, with a goal of raising $50,000, at this point he has managed to raise $11,900 and there is still 29 days to go.

Once the camera is complete they plan to travel around the United States for the ‘Vanishing Cultures Project’ which aims to capture amazing photos of people in their own environments.Prototype 35-Foot Camera.35-Foot Camera.The Vanishing Cultures Project, 35-Foot Camera on a trailer.A portrait from the Vanishing Cultures Project.

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