Spray-On Skin Cells For Burn Victims


Spray-On Skin Cells

I don’t proclaim to be an expert in this area, but I know that burn victims currently have a long and protracted road back to anything like a normal life. Skin grafts can take ages to take and heal, and all the time the burned skin is there, it has a real chance of getting infected.

So just imagine the difference this skin cell gun will make as it sprays cells taken from the patient’s own skin onto the burned area.

There are some real benefits here, not least the fact that the victim’s burns will heal far faster than they would otherwise. The process also protects the skin and means it will be far less likely to get infected.

This might seem like a futuristic Star Trek style gadget, but it’s heartening to know that it’s real and it has huge capabilities and possibilities for these unfortunate victims to benefit from.

It might still be a new gadget but hopefully it will become a common sight in many burns units around the world. The outcome of such a thing could be quite amazing. It’s great to be able to report on something that looks and sounds totally impossible, but is actually quite the opposite.

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