Sony Xperia NXT Series, Xperia P and U


Sony Xperia Xperia P & Xperia U.Hang on, Sony Xperia – where did the Ericsson bit go? Apparently the two have parted ways and we are now left with the plain and simple Sony name in the mobile phone market. Hence why we have the Sony Xperia phones to review here, in the shape of the Xperia P and the Xperia U.

They might sound like the two shady characters in Men in Black, but in fact these are the two new phones in the Sony line up. So what should we make of them? They certainly pack as much into the Sony experience as you can imagine, thanks to the eye catching design and the lack of an actual keyboard.

It’s almost like having a little Sony entertainment unit right there in your pocket. This is powered by the Android system and it is quite stunning to see how beautiful the phones are on the surface.

They are about much more than appearance though, as they both use the BRAVIA engine. Even if you’re not sure what that means you’ll know the answer when you get your hands on one.

People may have wondered whether parting ways with Ericsson was a good move. But if this first foray into solo phone creation is anything to go by, it hasn’t been a disappointment.

The Xperia P and Xperia U are signs of better things still to come, providing lots of excitement and great features packed into your next phone. You are going to buy one, aren’t you?Sony Xperia Xperia P & U come with see through plastic.Sony Xperia Xperia P & U.Sony Xperia Xperia P & U.Sony Xperia Xperia P & U.

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