Cycle Jacket with Colour Changing LEDs, The Sporty Supaheroe


Sporty Superheroe Cycle JacketResponsible cyclists do everything they can to stay visible when they’re on the roads. Lights, bright clothing and many other things can all help reduce the odds of getting involved in an accident.

But now a jacket has been combined with lighting to provide the ultimate in cool apparel, as well as helping the rider to stay safer than ever. This jacket isn’t bulky or hard to move in, but it has panels incorporated into the design that are packed with sensors.

The front of the jacket has white sensors and the back has red, so you can probably tell where this is going. Unfortunately there aren’t too many details beyond this at the moment, but hopefully the main draw will be a series of safety conscious actions that the jacket is capable of performing.

Apparently the jacket can be set to twinkle on and off with a variety of cool colours. But we assume the best reason for buying it will be to use it while cycling and to enjoy the extra visibility it provides you with.

I’d certainly be all for wearing it if it meant I could be sure other drivers could see the red and white lights all the time. It doesn’t replace normal bike lights but as an additional line of defence it makes perfect sense.

If they light up even more as I put the brakes on that would be even better. We’ll see how good the jacket really is when it hits the market.Superheroe Cycle JacketSporty Superheroe Cycle Jacket.Sporty Superheroe Cycle JacketSporty Superheroe Cycle Jacket

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