Eco Terra Waterproof Boombox from Grace Digital


Eco Terra Boombox for iPhones, iPods and MP3 Players.We’re all getting used to fully waterproof cameras and various shapes and sizes of bags that you can put equipment into to keep it waterproof. But what about a completely waterproof boombox that needs nothing more than itself to stay dry?

It might sound like a dream but this is reality, and the Eco Terra Boombox will no doubt be seen at a beach near you really soon. I’m not quite sure I’d want to go swimming with it, but its waterproof capabilities are apparently that good that I could do if I wanted to.

The Eco Terra works with a 3.5mm jack inside the water tight compartment, allowing you to connect up iPods, iPhones and most MP3 players. Obviously you’ll need to check the dimensions if your MP3 player is a chunky monkey.

It’s also shock resistant which is great for clumsy people like me who wouldn’t be averse to accidentally dropping it on occasion. I don’t mean to do these things but I just seem prone to them. I almost believe the boombox was made with me in mind.

But if you’re thinking this provides waterproof music and little else, think again. Do you ever get stuck wondering where to put your keys when you’re on the beach? What about those credit cards and the spare cash you’ve got?

Well if you get one of these babies you can tuck them all away securely in your boombox. Seriously, there is room to do just that.

Of course you’ve still got to take good care of the Eco Terra Boombox but I reckon it’s going to make you stand out on any beach you decide to visit. It’s good for outdoor parties at home too.

You will find the Eco Terra Boombox on Grace Digital’s site for $149.99 (£100).Eco Terra Boombox, views from the top and back.Eco Terra Boombox enjoying the sea.

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