Water Cooled Dog Bowl For Hot Summer Days


Pet’s Water CoolerCome summer, spare a thought for your pet cat or dog. When the mercury starts soaring, you have the option to take off your clothes (at least most of them, anyway). Not so your pets.

If your air conditioner doesn’t help cool you down (temperature-wise I mean), you can drink a couple of ice-cold beers or lemonade or whatever you fancy, to help cool you down, but what of the pets you so dearly profess to love?

Starting next week, Hammacher Schlemmer is offering a water cooler for pets that may be just what you need. Priced at $50 (£33), this specially-designed bowl uses a removable insert that contains a non-toxic gel.

Place the insert inside your freezer for two hours to let it freeze. You know it’s frozen when it changes colour. Remove the insert with the frozen gel and place it in the bowl. Water poured in the bowl remains chilled for up to eight hours.

The pack comes with a second insert just in case you need to replenish the water while one insert is inside your freezer.

The bowl can hold 24 ounces of water. It is made of ABS plastic and can be cleaned easily. A rubber base reduces the risk of the bowl sliding when your dog has its snout inside the bowl. It weighs 3 lbs and in terms of size, is 10.5 inches in diameter and 2.75 inches in height.

This water cooler avoids the need for fountains with batteries or those that need to be plugged into power mains.Pet’s Water Cooler

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