Kissenger Pig For Long Distance Digital Love


Kissenger PigIf Skype and other video-calling services have made it easier for long-distance relationships, the Kissenger might just take it to the next level.

The science of “Lovotics” (yes, there is such a science) combines love and robotics. Not in the sense that you probably thought when you read the previous sentence (caught you there, didn’t I?).

Actually, a researcher by name Hooman Samani at the National University of Singapore has been equipping robots with “robot versions” of human hormones like serotonin, dopamine and other endorphins. Like in humans, the level of these hormones in the robots increase or decrease depending on the “state of love”.

Samani’s latest idea is the Kissenger, whose name probably derives from the words “kiss” and “messenger”. In terms of the form factor, the Kissenger is shaped like the lips of a pig or cow.

The Kissenger can be attached to your computer via the USB port. Assuming that the love of your life is a long distance away, is carrying the Kissenger you got him/her and is willing to use it, here’s what happens.

When the two of you are on video chat, you simply “kiss” the lips of your Kissenger, which digitally sends the “kiss” to the receiving device, which decodes it and converts the signals into suitable lip movements of the Kissenger at the other end of the video chat.

Apparently, the “kiss” the Kissenger transmits to you on behalf of your loved one is a pretty good simulation of a “live human kiss”.

Some might think of this whole concept as being gross. But then there might be others who embrace the innovation (pun intended). If you’re in the latter category, you’d better not call your lover a pig or cow even when you’re upset.

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