Groove Tube Puzzle is Frustratingly Fun


Groove Tube PuzzleIf spatial puzzles get you all excited, do give serious consideration to adding the Groove Tube to your collection.

Priced at $15 (£10), this puzzle is meant for anyone who is older than eight years of age. If you are thinking it’s a piece of cake and below your dignity to try it out, do me a favour. Test your skills and then leave me a comment.

The puzzle essentially requires you to remove a ring from around a tube. There is a maze of grooves inside the ring that you can’t see- that’s what makes it so much harder.

You may twist, turn, lift or slide the ring. There’s only one solution to each Groove Tube. Groove Tubes are available in six colours. Yellow is reportedly the easiest, while black is the most challenging.

As you can’t see the pattern of grooves, you have to rely on trial-and-error and your memory. It’s like trying to get into an email account you have not used for years and whose password you’ve completely forgotten. In the intervening time, you have used many different patterns for your password. Ergo, you really have no idea where to start.

The Groove Tube can be extremely frustrating, so don’t tell me later that you were not warned. But some children have managed to solve a couple of the tubes without breaking into a sweat. Try it if you feel equal to the challenge.

No matter how frustrated you get, remember not to use too much force to push or pull the ring, for you might damage it.

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