Economical Showering with the Waterpebble


The WaterpebbleHere’s one gadget that will help you ensure that your resolution to be more conscious of the environment does not go down the drain. Quite literally, as a matter of fact, as it is specifically designed to promote conservation of water.

The Waterpebble, as this gadget is called, is the brainchild of Paul Priestman, a director at design firm Priestmangoode. The basic idea is quite simple. It is about enabling us to change our habits, in this case, our shower usage patterns.

To use it, simply turn on the Waterpebble and place it on the floor near the plug hole or shower drain. The first time you use it, it monitors the water going down the drain as you shower and uses that data to memorise your shower pattern.

Your shower pattern is obviously a function of the amount of time you spend under the shower, and the force of the water jet, both of which jointly determine the quantity of water that goes down the drain.

The next time you use the shower, remember to take the Waterpebble along and place it on the floor where it is visible. It will flash green to signal that you may start your shower. When the light changes to amber, the Waterpebble is letting you know that you’re at the halfway mark. When the light changes to red, you know it’s time to turn off the shower.

What you don’t easily observe is that the time taken to change from green to amber (and then to red) reduces with each shower. This essentially means you are spending less time and using less water. In other words, you’re saving water.

The Waterpebble may be especially useful to encourage children to come out of the shower. It is priced at around $10 at Amazon.

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