AirPlay Speakers from Libratone, Live and Lounge


Libratone Live and Libratone Lounge Speakers.What’s the point of technology if it does not make life better or easier? Scandinavian audio company Libratone seems to subscribe fully to this view, following companies like Denon and Bowers & Wilkins on the AirPlay journey.

Apple’s AirPlay technology allows you to wirelessly stream music all across your home, for instance. From an aesthetic angle, this eliminates the need for all those wires that look ugly, try as you might to conceal them.

AirPlay allows you stream music from your iOS device (iPod/iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad), or Mac over Wi-Fi networks. If you are not a Mac user, fret not; the technology works just fine with PCs.

Libratone has come out with two wireless speakers called the Libratone Live and the Libratone Lounge.

The Libratone Live is smaller and has a handle designed for easier portability. The Lounge is bigger and primarily intended to be a stand-alone device, although nothing prevents you from lugging it to whichever room in the house you choose to go to.

The devices are made from the best cashmere, chrome and wood, and reflect Scandinavian artistry at its best. As the company says, its products are designed to “blur the lines between technology and interior design”.

The company’s patent-pending FullRoom technology means that sound is pushed out in multiple directions. Unlike conventional speaker systems where audio quality is best at the “sweet spot”, FullRoom technology delivers uniformly high quality sound to every part of the room. Download the Libratone app on to your iOS device and you can personalize the acoustics even further.

Both Libratone Live and Lounge are available in black, white, grey and red.Libratone Live in the Living Room.Libratone Live in the Garden.Libratone Live in black, red, white and grey.Libratone App for controlling the speakers.

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