Staple Free Stapler from Pencil Grip


Staple Free Stapler from Pencil GripIs a stapler without staples still a stapler? Now, that’s neither a rhetorical question nor a trick question. I am just trying to figure out whether the Pencil Grip staple less stapler should be called anything else.

But as the Bard of Avon questioned so wisely, “what’s in a name?” A stapler by any other name will staple just as effectively.

Priced at $16 for a set of two, the Pencil Grip staple less staplers are unique in that they do not use conventional metal staples. And yet, its wizardry does staple sheets of paper together.

It punches a neat hole on the papers being attached. The flap of paper that is created is itself used to secure the sheets.

The Pencil Grip staple-less stapler works best for up to five sheets of paper. If you need to staple more than five sheets together, you are better of using a conventional stapler.

Naturally, the advantages of the Pencil Grip staple-free version are that it does not need metal staples. That staples to run out when you need them most is another annoyance you can avoid.

Because you are not using staples, you are conserving metals, in turn reducing the need for mining. Quite possibly, manufacturing staples also consumes more energy and water than making paper; so using the staple-less stapler may also be more carbon neutral.

If you are one of those who still tend to send faxes, then you will be relieved because you don’t have to worry about staples messing up your fax machine.

You can find the Pencil Grip staple-less stapler on Amazon for $6.Staple Free Stapler.

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