SpareOne Emergency Phone, Backup for up to 15 Years


Spare One Phone.It is said nobody is indispensable. But does the same aphorism hold good for your mobile phone? One may well say that even one’s phone is not indispensable.

But think of situations when your phone has died and you desperately need to get in touch with your spouse or friend and you may not think your mobile phone as being quite so dispensable.

And the indispensability of phones keeps increasing because more and more features and apps are being stuffed into a phone, and therefore, one’s phone is far more than just a phone.

That’s why the SpareOne may well turn out to be a life-saver for those times when one’s mobile phone runs out of battery.

The SpareOne is powered by a single AA battery that is supposedly good for up to ten hours of talk-time. The news gets even better; apparently, if turned off and left unused, the SpareOne can be used even after as many as fifteen years. What is not clear to me is whether it will need a new battery after all that time.

Given all the social media goings-on that are made possible by smartphones, some disasters are waiting to happen. Just as well, therefore, that you also have a mobile phone designed specifically as a disaster recovery aide.

The Spare One will start shipping in March. It is expected to be priced at around $50 (£33). For more information, visit the SpareOne site.Spare One Phone, white keypad.Spare One Phone, black keypad.Spare One Phone in black, just enough space for the battery and Sim.Spare One Phone, black version.

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