ZBoard, Weight-Controlled Electric Skateboard


ZBoard Motorised Skateboard.Regular skateboards are so yesterday. I’ve never been able to stay upright on one anyway, but I must just be persuaded to fall off them again now I have the ZBoard to try out.

What is the ZBoard I hear you ask? It’s an electric motorised skateboard that means you no longer have to put your feet on the floor to get extra power when you start to slow down.

Being self propelled is in the past – the ZBoard can send you speeding along at 17mph and you get to keep both feet firmly on the board itself.

As you might expect this is not a cheap buy. The Classic version of the ZBoard is available for a cool $599 (£400) whereas the souped up ZBoard Pro will set you back $849 (£570), they are available at the ZBoard Online Shop.

This is not for casual skateboarders – this is for the serious skateboarders who rarely go anywhere without having a board attached to their feet.

You certainly won’t get as fit by using one of these as you would with a regular skateboard, but if you’re feeling lazy it’s good to know you can get five miles out of one charge of the Classic model, with double the range from the ZBoard Pro.

I think I’ll have to get reasonably confident on a regular skateboard before I even think about getting one of these. But it’s something to dream about and hopefully it’ll be a bit cheaper by the time I’m skilled enough to use it.ZBoard, top and base.ZBoard Motorised Skateboard.Skating with a surfboard in-hand, the ZBoard Motorised Skateboard.ZBoard Motorised Skateboard.ZBoard Motorised Skateboard, wheels.

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