Turn the World Upside-Down with Reversing Goggles


Reversing GogglesEvery now and then a gadget comes along that makes me look at the calendar to see if it is April Fool’s Day. That’s exactly what I did when I found out about the reversing goggles. These are strange.

But if you have £87 (£55) to spare and you’re a bit bored with the way the world looks at the moment, you might just be tempted to give them a go. You can pick up a pair at Grand Illusions So what’s the deal with these goggles? Well, once you wear them you’ll see everything around you upside down.

It’s that simple. They are simple, yes, but exceptionally alarming to begin with. Our eyes receive images upside down automatically apparently (people have known this since the 1400s but it must have passed me by completely).

So the idea is that by wearing the goggles you can see the world as it would appear before your retinas make the correction. These are rather bizarre and I guess they have to be seen to be believed. Just remember that when you put them on you’re going to lose your normal confidence in the way the world looks.

I can imagine all kinds of accidents happening if I were to wear these, and I’m quite accident prone normally anyway. There is no real purpose to these other than to see and experience the world in a different way.

I wouldn’t recommend doing anything that could be dangerous either, and the makers discourage buyers from driving, drinking or doing anything else that could be harmful while wearing them. I don’t blame them.Reversing GogglesReversing Goggles

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