Lego Twin-Lens Reflex Camera, Legoflex B1


Legoflex B1, front view.We’ve seen all kinds of things built out of LEGO over the years. This simple but effective toy has grabbed the imagination of kids and adults alike. But one Norwegian named Carl-Frederic Salicath, has built a working camera from all manner of different LEGO bricks.

It looks a little like an explosion in a paint factory but there is no doubt that it does the job. This is a twin lens camera with one mounted above the other. He hasn’t cheated either and used camera parts at any point.

The exterior is a mishmash of regular LEGO pieces while the slightly more advanced Technic pieces have been used to make sure the roll of film stays in place inside.

The camera looks pretty simply on the outside but if you take a look at the man’s blog he has got some impressive photos showing just how the camera was made. These are eye catching and show that it is rather more impressive inside than out.

This is no toy – it calls to mind the old pinhole cameras but uses modern building blocks to produce something altogether more exciting.

I must say I am a big fan of LEGO and I do love my photography, and I do feel like I might try an experiment like this too.

The only difference is mine will end in frustration, whereas this builder has got a working LEGO camera without having to go and buy one from the shops. Now that takes dedication, doesn’t it?

Take a look at Salicath’s Blog for a detailed account of the planning a building of the Legoflex B1.Legoflex B1, Screen.Legoflex B1, mirror inside the camera.A photo taken with the Legoflex B1.A photo taken with the Legoflex B1.Legoflex Camera front view.Legoflex Camera Workings.Legoflex Camera side view, scaled using an iPhone.

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