Jellyfish Inspired Lighting, Aurelia LED Table Lamp


Aurelia Jellyfish LED Lamp comes in pink, blue and yellow.Does the name Aurelia seem familiar to you? It did to me, and once I saw this new lamp I realised why. The Aurelia Aurita is a jellyfish and it has inspired the creators of the new Aurelia LED lamp.

A series of LEDs make the head of the lamp glow, and since it comes in several different colours including aqua (very appropriate), pink and orange. The great thing about these lamps is that they look great even when they’re not turned on.

And when they are you will surely be reminded of the jellyfish that inspired their name and design. They may not glow without power like the jellyfish does, but they still look rather impressive.

The one downside for me is the cost. At $495 each this is a real fashion statement not everyone will be able to make. Although I get the feeling they’d become incredibly common if we could all get our hands on one.

One of the main delights is the transparent shade, which delivers an eerie glow and is probably worth every cent of the asking price. It’s even got a touch dimmer control and the wire to power it is minimal, tucking down inside the stem of the lamp.

And of course the delightful lamp is also eco-friendly, so you won’t have to worry about electricity bills or the cost of running it. In fact the more I think about it the more reason there is to splash out on one.Yellow Aurelia LED Lamp.Pink Aurelia LED Lamp.Pink Aurelia LED Lamps.

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