iPhone Weight Tracking Scales


iPhone Weight Loss Tracking Scales.If you have $69.95 (£46) to spare and you want some support for losing any excess weight, you might just be interested in the iPhone weight loss tracking scale. This is ideal for anyone with an iPhone who wants to drop some pounds.

The basic product is a set of fairly standard scales, but these babies are not your average scales. They’ve got Bluetooth capability so every time you weigh yourself your current details will be sent to your phone to the free app that comes in conjunction with the scales.

Since I’m the sort of person who needs some inspiration to help me keep track of the pounds I’m losing (or not, as the case may be) it makes sense to buy this so I can see how much or little I’m losing over time.

I suppose you might get a bit obsessed if you weighed yourself constantly, but there are other features that come in with the app that will inspire you to keep going.

The scales are very modern looking and have an easy wipe clean surface. They’ve very accurate too, so there is no way of cheating and weighing any lighter than you actually do. If you need a little extra push and inspiration to help keep you on the straight and narrow, this could be the push you need.

The next time I feel inspired to lose some weight, the iPhone scales could be next on my shopping list above the diet drinks.iPhone App for the Weight Loss Tracking Scales.

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