Google Smart Glasses Coming this Year?


Google Glasses Coming this year?Everyone loves wearing a posh pair of sunglasses, whether they have a designer name attached to them or not. But would you wear a pair of Google Glasses?

This is the name being given to a pair of specs that the search engine giant is purportedly developing even as you read this. Several sites have reported on this in recent days, adding fuel to the fire of speculation in the process.

According to what I’ve read, I’ll be able to read emails, take photos and even get information on wherever I happen to be – all without removing my glasses. Doesn’t that sound cool?

Apparently Google owns a top secret lab called Project X (yes I know, it’s sounding more and more like a Bond movie with spy gadgets galore with every second that passes). But these could become reality in the near future if Google gets to the point where they’ll release them to the general population.

The idea of being able to wear a pair of glasses that have a built in screen feeding me information when I need it most is nothing short of amazing. I could be walking down the High Street and I’ll get a message telling me that an upcoming shop has a sale on, so I might want to take a look.

And if I’m supposed to be meeting a friend and they want to change the meeting place, they can email or text and I’ll get their message flashed up on my glasses. How cool is that?

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