Stop Slouching Using Vibrations, the iPosture


iPosture can be concealed under clothing.How good is your posture? If I’m being honest I know that mine isn’t what it should be. This is why I’m intrigued by the new iPosture gadget that has hit the market.

I know enough to realise that poor posture can lead to all kinds of health problems over time, so it makes sense to grab the iPosture for around $75 (£50) to start improving things from today onwards.

If you’re expecting a huge gadget think again – the iPosture is tiny and it can be worn in three different ways. If you don’t already wear a pendant, change the iPosture into one so you can wear it and forget it.

Alternatively you can stick it onto your skin or use the clip to attach it to an item of clothing. Once it is in place it monitors your posture and vibrates whenever it doesn’t meet the best standards.

Now I could clip this thing on and get vibrations constantly for hours at a time. But I guess I would eventually take note and make sure I adjusted my posture as a result. The great thing is that the vibrations are virtually silent, so no one else needs to know you’re wearing the iPosture.

You can silently go about correcting your stance for as long as is needed to get it right. Once you’ve done it you probably won’t need it anymore – but you will have saved yourself an aching back for the foreseeable future. And you’ve always got the gadget in case you ever slouch back into your old habits.

The video below is an interview with Dr. Moacir Schnapp; talking about the iPosture.The iPosture.The iPosture warn on a black top.

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